Looking for your purrfect match?

Purr Nation’s primary goal is to help you and your family find the perfect cat. Our highly trained and professional cat Adoption Counselors recommend you consider what age, size, and temperament of cat would best suit your lifestyle and family. In making the big decision to adopt, you should ask yourself if you and your family are ready to take on the daily responsibilities and financial obligations of cat ownership. Please check out Fundamentally Feline to learn more about cats and their behavioral needs.

Our Process

Our cat adoption counselors are trained to specifically help you find the best possible match. We have taken the old way of looking at cats in cages then picking one and turned it on it’s head!  With this new process our adoption counselors help match you with the best fit based on your application, our conversations, and the personality of the cat or kitten you applied for. We are uniquely trained to ask questions, answer yours and help you make the best decision possible for your new furry family member!

I am ready to find my purrfect kitty!

Ready to start the process to bring your new kitty home? Search our adoptable cats and kittens below. See one you are interested in? Simply click on the Adopt button under the cat to fill out an application. An Adoption Counselor will review your application to help ensure the cat you are interested in is a good match for you and your family. You will then be contacted to discuss the cat and set up a meet and greet.

Adoptable Cats & Kittens

Check our list of adoptable cats and kittens often as more are added daily. ​

Purr Nation holds regular cat adoption events at Petsmart in Woodstock and Marietta-Merchants Walk every weekend. Please visit our Events Calendar or our Facebook page to see all our adoption locations and times.

Please note: Due to the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic we are not currently holding adoption events at Petsmart. To schedule a meet and greet with one of our cats/kittens, please fill out an application and a counselor will then contact you with details on how to adopt during this time.