Foster Interview and Adoption

    Fosters name

    PNCA Foster Cat Name

    List any nicknames you also call your foster cat

    When did you first begin fostering your cat

    Cats Birthday

    Cats Next Core Vaccine is Due

    *Remember to schedule your first vet appointment within 30 days!*

    Cats Preferred Dry Food is

    Dry Food Schedule

    Cats Preferred Wet Food is

    Wet Food Schedule

    Cats Preferred Litter is

    Cats Absolute Favorite Toy is

    Would you like the adopter to contact you with any questions or updates?

    Please select ALL positive traits that apply to your foster cat

    Please select ALL undesirable traits that apply to your foster cat

    Please rate how quickly you think your foster cat will adjust to the following

    (10=very quickly, 0=not possible/extremely unlikely)

    A new home/environment
    Children (newborn – 6 years)
    Children (7 – 15 years)
    Adult Cats
    Adult dogs (sm-med)
    Adult dogs (sm-med)
    Transport (cat carrier)

    Do you think your foster cat is suitable for an eager first-time cat owner

    Why or Why not?

    Do you think your foster cat can be a single cat

    Are there any specific requirements you think your foster cat needs to thrive as a single cat? Please explain.

    Please select your foster cat’s most loved toys

    Please describe the type of scratchers and cat trees your foster uses

    Does your foster cat have any chronic medical concerns

    If yes, please describe how you manage the cat’s condition and any tips/tricks to make them more comfortable when receiving medications, etc.

    Please describe a typical day/routine for your foster cat

    Including how they act during feedings, when they love to play, favorite places to cat nap, bedtime routine, etc.

    Do you have any other helpful tips that will help your foster kitty adjust in a new home

    If your foster kitty won a free major marketing ad, what would it say

    Be as creative as you want! (This will be used for your foster kitty’s public bio.)

    Don’t forget to attach your photos if have any