Surrendering Your Cat

Pet Surrender Considerations

Note: Purr Nation Cat Alliance (PNCA) is NOT a shelter. We are a non-profit rescue run by dedicated people who volunteer their personal time to find loving forever homes for unwanted and neglected cats. We receive hundreds of requests per month to take unwanted pets. We regret that we can welcome only a very small percentage of these pets into our program.

Before giving up your cat, please consider this:

  • Your cat would much rather spend the rest of their life with you – the only family they know – no matter what the situation (less time, smaller living area) than they would with anyone else.
  • Uprooting them is very hard on them because they don’t understand why their family went away.
  • That’s why, as rescuers, we try very hard to keep pets in good homes.

Are you looking to re-home due to financial stress?

If you are trying to re-home your cat due to financial stress, there are people that can help. Low-cost clinics will provide spay/neuter, vaccinations, and other medical care. CareCredit is a healthcare credit card designed for the health and wellness needs of your entire family and your pets; allowing you to seek immediate treatment for your pet with little to no out-of-pocket expense.

Is your cat exhibiting unwanted or inappropriate behavior?

Cats have a special communication and are often trying to tell you something. Ingrid Johnson, a certified cat behaviorist, offers a wide range of educational videos and tutorials to help you better understand your cat’s language and correct unwanted behaviors. Most behaviors are completely ‘fixable’ with just some minor changes. Visit her website, Fundamentally Feline, and help get peace back in your home before considering re-homing your cat. In-Home Behavior Consultations are available with Ingrid Johnson or Dr. Lynne Seibert of Veterinary Behavior Consultants, one of the only board-certified veterinary behaviorists in the southeastern United States.

Have you fallen on hard times?

If you are thinking of re-homing your cat because you have fallen on hard times and cannot afford pet food, Pet Buddies Food Pantry can help! Check with your local church as well, many provide assistance for pet needs too!

Things to know before requesting to surrender your unwanted pet to PNCA:

  • Your unwanted pet is not a donation. There is NEVER a shortage of unwanted animals in Georgia. Our high-kill shelters are overflowing with cats and kittens of all ages, sizes and breeds. PNCA gives priority to animals that are in these shelters. Owner surrenders are accepted only when space is available.
  • It is YOUR responsibility to care for your old, dying pet in their final days. Rescues are not free clinics for dogs and cats. We do not have the resources to provide medical care for YOUR pet. Vet care is part of pet ownership, just as pediatric care is part of parenting. If your pet is old and suffering, please, end that suffering. Yes, it is hard to do, but you must consider the quality of the pet’s life. They deserve to have you, their family, be there at the end. They do not deserve to be handed over to strangers for their confusing last weeks/days of life. Please, do the right thing and take responsibility for your furry family member and euthanize them with dignity.
  • If your cat is accepted into PNCA, you lose all rights to your unwanted pet. You will not be able to visit, receive updates, or have any decision-making power in the pet’s future care and arrangements. You must complete an Owner Surrender Form that severs all ties between you and your unwanted pet.

  • PNCA keeps all of our cats until they find a safe and loving forever home; therefore, providing care until adoption. We request a donation toward the care of your pet. Senior cats require additional vetting and prolonged care. PNCA provides a high standard of care. Your donation allows us to continue.

Still Considering Surrender?

Please provide plenty of information about your pet including medical history and vet records.

Examples of things to include:

  • Photo
  • Age
  • Reason for surrendering your cat
    • What have you tried to prevent having to surrender your cat?
  • Behavior Descriptions
    • Describe your cats energy level and when they are most active throughout the day.
    • Does your cat get along with other pets? Children?
    • Does your cat sleep with you at night?
    • Does your cat respond well to new people?
    • How does your cat behave at the vet? In a carrier?
    • Has your cat displayed aggressive behavior (biting, swatting, etc)?  – If yes, please explain the circumstances.
  • Describe the ideal home for your cat.
  • What will help your cat transition to a new environment? A change of environment and routine is one of the most stressful events that can occur in a cat’s life. We want to know specifics about your cat so that these little details do not get lost in the transition.
    • What are you cats favorite toys? Does your cat prefer single play with balls, mice or interactive play with wand toys, laser light, etc?
    • How does your cat prefer to be pet? (Head, neck, chin, tummy, down their back, gentle or firm touch?)
    • Does your cat prefer minimal touching?
    • Does your cat like catnip?
    • Does your cat like to be brushed?
    • Where does your cat hangout the most? (By the window, cat tree, your bed, cat bed, chair/couch)
    • Does your cat prefer to be in the hustle of the household or retreat to a quite spot?

Once you have all of the information together, please submit your surrender request form.