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Be a part of the movement and join forces with the best cat rescue of Kennesaw, Marietta & Woodstock, Georgia! Purr Nation prides itself on community and cat welfare by collaborating with enthusiasts and experts in the field. These relationships allow us to provide better care for the cats and people in our community. There are MANY volunteer opportunities available with Purr Nation! We all have gifts and talents that can make a difference in the lives of cats. Let us help you find a place on our team!

We Need Your Help!

Advising & Advocating

Application Team
Help kitties find the their forever home.

Adoption Team
Help kitties meet with their potential new adopters.

Follow Up Team
The job is not done when the kitty is adopted. Help make sure the kitty and adopters have what they need to ensure a successful relationship.


Like you there are folks out there that want to contribute to a kitties success. Help the kitties connect to these supporters with sponsorships

Grant Writing
Finacial help for kitties through grants helps them in a big way. Help find and apply for these grants.


Social Media
Social Media is a new team that helps promote kitties success that you helped contribute to.


Are you a word smith that can describe everything about a kitty?


For all the success that everyone helps fuel, there is someone that needs to support them also.


Even kitties need a ride

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