Our Board

Vice President  —  Rory Hekking, DVM

PNCA got to know Dr. Hekking while he was working at Etowah Veterinary Hospital. His passion for animals was clear and our kitties always felt safe and loved during their visits. Dr. Hekking is now working at Averill Animal Hospital since April 2022 and enjoys being closer to his home where he has more time with his wife and 3 children. He and his wife moved to Georgia 8 years ago looking for the warmer weather. They have fallen in love with Georgia and have slowly convinced their family members to join them here! As a family, the Hekking family enjoys going on hikes and fishing at nearby ponds and streams.

We asked Dr. Hekking what drew him to PNCA and he said, “I had been seeing patients from Purr Nation for several years, and was always impressed with the level of care all the kitties received. I had worked with several other rescues but had never seen one that was so caring. When the opportunity to join the Board was presented, I jumped at the chance to be involved with such a great organization! Since joining the board I have continued to be impressed with everyone I interact with. No matter what we are discussing, it is clear that the priority at all times is to do what is best for the cats in our care. I am so excited for all the wonderful things PNCA will do moving forward!”

Member at Large  —  Tyler Watkins

Tyler Watkins graduated in 2017 from John Marshall Law School. Licensed to practice in Georgia and Florida, his practice is primarily focused on civil litigation and his firm has represented both individuals and corporations in a variety of personal and business disputes.

A cat dad by circumstance, Tyler adopted a rescue kitten in 2018 that has since refused to leave his side—literally. Tyler connected to Purr Nation Cat Alliance’s mission through the power of the human-cat bond and strives to utilize his attention to detail and problem-solving skills to help the organization expand its mission and leadership into the community.

In the once in a lifetime opportunity he isn’t working, Tyler enjoys running, working out, reading, traveling, and enjoying different libations.

Secretary  —  Camille Godwin

Camille Godwin graduated in 1992 from the Florida State University College of Law. Licensed to practice in nine states, she primarily represents clients throughout the southeast in litigation and appellate matters involving elder abuse and neglect, corporate malfeasance, and civil rights.

If she had free time, Camille would like to spend it on beaches or in mountains with books and refreshing beverages. Unfortunately, she is owned by a harsh brood of taskmaster felines who do not understand the concepts of personal time or space and who will only allow her out of their sight to go to work and earn coins for their upkeep. She kind of likes it that way, allegedly.